Did you know your body has over 650 + muscles, 360 joints and 206 bones? So how many of those would you like to keep? Actually, there are 3 different types of muscles: Skeletal muscle which powers active movement, Cardiac Muscle that powers the heart, and Smooth muscle that powers organ function: That’s a lot of movement going on!

Let’s talk about skeletal muscles and joints: the ones that help you move through space or just support you when you sit quietly in your space. Your “Musculoskeletal System” is made up of your muscles, bones and joints. Muscles are elastic and they produce strength (torque) by contracting and when they release, they “relax.” (It is a bit more complex than that because many things have to happen for a muscle to act~So please, feel free to ask your Physical Therapist to explain that in more detail! They will probably also include how your Nerves work with your Musculoskeletal system!)

Your muscles work hard and effectively to allow your body to move. Sometimes we inadvertently neglect our musculoskeletal system and it fails to perform optimally… until it gets our attention by way of an injury, a condition, or even an event that causes pain and the inability to move properly. So perhaps there may be times when your muscles feel tight (not so elastic), your joints feel stiff (not so mobile), and it’s a challenge just to move because it hurts to do so.

It is very important to keep our muscles and joints in good strong working order so that we can keep doing and enjoying things we love to do. Your Licensed Physical Therapist is an expert who specializes in just how your Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular systems work. Your PT (Physical Therapist) understands how muscles work with your bones and joints and can identify when there is an imbalance especially after an injury such as a strain of the muscle or a sprain of a joint. Your Physical Therapist knows that our bodies adapt to the positions and stresses place on it and that is pretty remarkable in itself.

You can trust that your PT will carefully evaluate your individual needs, goals and situation.She/He understands how muscle, joint and bone tissue heal and how to give it the right amount of input to facilitate healing, resolve pain and to restore vibrant mobility and health. Your care and treatment will be focused on you. Your PT will help you to understand how your muscles and joints work and will teach you some great self-management strategies to apply to you day to day living. Your PT will help you to re-balance your musculoskeletal system by individualizing your care so you can keep all those muscles, bones and joints in vibrant working order and… You will feel great!

We like it when you feel great and when you can do what you love doing!

Is it time for a “tune up?”

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