Welcome to my PT Story!  Thanks for joining me!  Here’s how I got started in providing Physical Therapy Services.

While in High School (way back when!) , I decided to major in Health & Physical Education because I loved Sports & Athletics.  Our High School Football Coach, who was also our Health Teacher, encouraged me to check out Athletic Training as a course of study at my chosen college, Bowling Green State University.

At that time, Athletic Training was a fairly new course of study, especially for women.  I had such a fascination of how the human body worked so Health Performance combined with the Care & Treatment of Athletic Injuries was  a perfect fit.  After taking a fairly intense Anatomy & Kinesiology course and learning all those muscles, bones, arteries, nerves and parts of the brain, I was even more intrigued by how amazing our bodies truly are!  So I changed my major to Biology and Pre-Physical Therapy and transferred to Ohio State to pursue my dream of becoming a Licensed Physical Therapist and an Athletic Trainer,  Certified.  While I was going through PT School, I can remember telling my Mom how much I liked ALL the fields within Physical Therapy.  I loved helping people feel better and move better.   I became a Licensed Physical Therapist and an Athletic Trainer, Certified in 1983.

Throughout my career as a PT, I have had wonderful opportunities to be licensed and to work in different parts of the country learning from some of Physical Therapy’s best teachers and clinicians.  As much as I love all the fields of P.T. , I especially love “hands-on” Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  That takes me right back to my love and intrigue of Human Anatomy & Kinesiology as it relates to knowing how the body works and how an injury or medical condition can affect how a body works.  Physical Therapy is founded upon that!

Having an Adventurous and Creative Spirit, along with my Husband’s job transfers, as a Licensed Physical Therapist, I have provided physical therapy services in multiple states in my 30+ year career.  Along the way, I have treated Youth & High School Athletes, Collegiate & Olympic Athletes, Masters & Pro Athletes.  I even got to treat the “Bionic Woman’s” stunt double.  While living in Argentina (1994-96) for one of my husband’s work assignments, I had the opportunity to consult with Physicians at a Buenos Aires Hospital on a Sports Medicine Model of Care.  Our next overseas adventure took us to  Australia (2011-2014). In addition to the amazing international experience of living in such a beautiful land, I also got to experience International Health Care first hand as I tore my medial meniscus saving a point in a tennis game.  I underwent Arthroscopic Surgery for a Partial Meniscectomy along with a Sub-Patellar Debridement.  Physical Therapists “all speak the same language!”

We visited a dear friend of ours in Japan recently.  This amazing young man was diagnosed with ALS and he has been such an amazing inspiration for advocacy for in home care. He has a great healthcare team.  While in Hokaido, I had the opportunity to visit a local hospital and observe a lively Physical Therapy department in action.  Once again, I realized that no matter where we may be in the world, Physical Therapists “all speak the same language” as we provide skilled and valuable physical therapy services for our patients.

I am so very grateful for all the amazing incredible Mentors I have had along the way because all my Professors, Clinical Instructors, Peers, Continuing Education Instructors, my Husband and our 3 Sons and especially my Patients and my Faith have all taught me important “Therapy & Life Lessons.”  The individual wisdom that each one has shared with me has built the strong foundation of my Physical Therapy philosophy of care.  I thank each of you for that!

As a Physical Therapist, I bring to you my deep caring and my Thanks for letting me share a bit of my story!  I am looking forward to getting to know you and hearing your stories!